Think First America is a nonprofit organization that seeks to teach how to use the Internet appropriately and in a positive way. Think First America also aims to combat cyberbullying.

  1. The first of our signature education programs is called 'Think Before You Post' is an initiative presented to students of all ages. The presentation teaches them how big the internet is, how to utilize social media, and the importance of being kind on the internet. Students who are new to the internet are not aware that everything on the internet is permanent, and it is much easier to say something hurtful online than it is face-to-face. Our goal is to have students recognize that the internet is a great source when used appropriately, and that it is important to use it to promote ourselves in a positive way. We can also use it to bring each other up instead of down.
  2. Our second education program is called 'Think First, Be Kind,' which is implemented with younger ages. The goal is to teach students character traits of kindness and respect, to recognize bullying, and what actions to take if bullying is occurring.
  3. Our third program is our signature 'THINK Before You Post Girl Scout Patch.' This program was created to explore of the different types of bullying and cyber bullying,mdevelop ways to combat bullying and cyber-bullying, learn how to be responsible and positive internet users, and promote character development through kindness and responsibility.

Help us to spread awareness about Think First America by taking our pledge to be kind on the internet or make a donation!

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Next Steps...

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